Welcome to Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram Senior Secondary School

The Alpha Group of Institutions was founded by Mrs. & Mr.T.T. Sambandam and Mrs. and Dr. Palani Rathinam in 1993, under the aegis of the Alpha Foundation for Education and Research. Starting with 16 students in TN Matriculation Board, the Alpha Group today boasts of about 4000 students in CBSE, TN Matriculation and Cambridge International Boards, on a sprawling campus of 7.5 acres in KK Nagar in Trichy. Smt. and Dr. Palani have been diligently running these schools for the last 20 years, making the brand a symbol of excellence.

The Alpha Vision

When the first Alpha School was founded in 1993 by the Founder-Trustees , they envisioned an evolved Humanity that lives in Peace, Prosperity and Harmony, and attains Eternal Bliss. The Alpha Schools' mottos are “Excellence in Entirety”, derived from Alpha, the first letter of the Greek Alphabet that stands for Excellence, and “To Soar High and Serve”: while the Alpha Foundation's motto is “ALPHA ... Towards an Enlightened, Humane Society”. These visions have been embraced and converted to reality by Smt. and Dr. Palani over the last two decades.

The Alpha Mission

To realize the vision outlined above, ALPHA has taken on the Mission to:

Create educational institutions, with the serene and divine ambience of an ashram, where national and global integration and religious harmony are upheld, where unjust social practices are challenged; where the vision of One World - One Family – One Body - One Spirit is realized.

Create Teacher Training Institutions to make available professionals with trained minds, skilled hands and ennobled souls, who will shape tomorrow's World.

Create appropriate curricular and co-curricular programmes for holistic development of students, from pre-Primary through Senior Secondary education.

Create appropriate academic ambience to help our students become physically strong, intellectually competent, morally sound and spiritually enlightened individuals, so as to:

            Lead a successful and happy life;
            Lead mankind with responsible leadership towards peace and prosperity;
            Justify themselves and their existence by the nobillity of thought, word and acion.

The foundation of ALPHA's radical and fresh perspective on education and innovation is the principle of INCLUSIVENESS – a startlingly new, but convincingly conceived concept of education that every child is entitled to. This translates into ALPHA's:

Inclusive Admission Policy
Inclusive Curriculum for Total Personality Development
Inclusive Physical Development
Inclusive Intellectual Growth
Inclusive Teaching-Learning System
Inclusive Assessment System
Inclusive Curriculum for Education of the Heart
Inclusive Inner (Spiritual) Development
Inclusive Global Opportunity

These innovative initiatives of Alpha have resulted in 7 of Alpha's students being selected for a world-level Innovative Skills Competition in Germany in February 2013, where only 3 teams from India participated, 2 of them being from Delhi (in effect, Alpha team represented South India). The Alpha team secured FOURTH place in this global-scale competition. Alpha students were also selected to participate in a similar program in NASA, USA. This unfortunately did not materialize due to monetary constraints.

The visionary in Dr. Palani saw the need to provide the parents and children of Trichy several good options to choose from, in terms of syllabus / curriculum. With this in his mind, the Alpha Foundation started the Alpha Wisdom Vidyashram affiliated to CBSE in 2003.

Alpha school is today running very successfully, with happy and satisfied students, parents, teachers, staff and management. It has consistently maintained the track record of 100% success year after year. This year, Master Abishake of Std XII, has not only topped the district, but also all other districts in South TN.

Dr. Palani, however, is not the kind to rest on his laurels. He has envisioned in Alpha the school of tomorrow, today. To this end, Alpha has equipped the classrooms as Smart Class with Interactive smart boards, facilitated laptops for all teachers, and, as this goes to press, Alpha is proud to create fully Wi-Fi enabled school campus. Starting this year, Alpha is also conducting special coaching classes for students in the IX – XII bracket, to prepare them for IIT-JEE, Main as well as Advanced. This is facilitated by Altitude Classes, a premier IIT-JEE coaching institute based out of Hyderabad.

This year, Dr. Palani has also brought in the best available talent to facilitate top-class management of the Alpha Group of Institutions.

Mr. Mathura Prasad Pandey, a prominent Educationist, is a dynamic, enthusiastic, energetic personality having over two decades of experience in School Administration. He has been hand-picked as a CBSE Expert of Mathematics. He has joined the Alpha Group of Institutions,Trichy in May 2013, and has been appointed the Joint Director (Academics).

Cdr Paresh Agrawal, a graduate of IITB, and a former Defence services officer, has been appointed the General Manager of the Alpha Group of Institutions at Trichy. Cdr Agrawal brings in all the discipline, administration and management capabilities of the Defence Forces, with the academic acuity of being an IITian, as well as the experience of senior management positions in the Corporate as well as Public Sector.

Going forward, the Alpha Schools, in the continued pursuit of excellence in all fields of life, and imbibing the best of human values in the students, are preparing our students to be the global achievers of tomorrow.

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